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  • Soil pH is one of the most important factors that can be overlooked in the garden. pH has impacts on the availability of nutrients and of the plants ability to take them up. If the pH of your garden soil is not in the optimal range for the plants you are trying to grow you may end up having issues. With Robotbanao Three-Way Soil Meter For Moisture, Light Intensity and pH Testing Meter, you can easily check on the condition of your plants.
  • Scientifically accurate | Compact | Portable | Easy to use | Measure moisture at root level | No battery required | Multifunctional:Measures moisture, pH, and light
  • Dimensions: Meter Console(lxWxH):260x58x36mm | Probe Length:170 mm | Probe Diameter:5 mm
  • This three way soil meter is an ideal tool to test the soil conditions, i.e. measure moisture, pH and light. It needs to be inserted in the soil and the settings need to be modified as per your requirement. It is a useful tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and anyone who plant trees and grass.
  • Moist readings range:0 dry-10 wet | Light readings range:0 dark-2000 lumen | pH readings range:8 alkaline-3.5acidic || Moist value (1-10RH): 1-3(Red): Need to water | 4-7(Green):Favorable moisture | 8-10(Blue):Too wet || pH value (8-3.5): Neutral solution: =7 | Acid reaction: <7 | Alkaline reaction: >7 || Light value (0-2000 Lux) || Material: Body:Plastic | Probe: Stainless Steel & Aluminium || Colour:Green

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