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Detergent Soap Caddy

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  • ???? High Foaming & Hands Free - 2 In 1 Cloth washing & storage all in one, fast lathering, the bottom has springs for easy access to detergent soap bar from the soap Box & the soap roller grooves zre raised for easy access.
  • ???? Easy Handle - no need to take out the detergant soap bar from the soap box, just rotate the roller brush to rub onthe clothes with wet detergent soap bar to produce rich foam.
  • ???? East Install - you just open the lid, place the soap bar between the spring base & the rubber roller & tt's ready to use, the friction between the soap & rubber rollers creates rich lather saves time & effort.
  • ???? Multi-function soap bubble box has quick drain holes, keep the table clean & avoid detergant soap dissolve. cleaning and storage integrated design, no need to take out the box of soap, just turn the soft rubber roller rub, will produce a lot of rich dense foam.
  • ???? Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, home, restaurant, hotel, laundry/utility room and more.

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